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Alviam is dedicated to share, inspire and create opportunities for personal growth and social change. Therefore a lot of our resources and content are free, and we do not advertise on our website and videos due to our advertising policy.

With your support we can keep growing our reach, create more events and resources and support people in reaching their highest potential.

How you can support us

You can support us in multiple ways:

  1. You can donate to support us to continue and expand our work either via Patreon or by making a one-time donation:

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Where do donations go to?

Donations go to our website, event management, creation of resources, expanding our services and keeping our products and services free or low price.


2. You can support us with your skills / ideas / knowledge

We are always looking to expand our work and contribute to personal development and social change. You can help us improve our website, build our directory, share knowledge, write articles, create projects, design apps, research, ______ (fill in the blank)? Get in touch with us. We appreciate any kind of support.

3. You can support us with your “old things”

Do you have books or DVDs that need to be in our directory? We are happy to receive your old copies for review.

Do you have old (usable) equipment you no longer need? We can use Laptops, Phones, Cameras, Lighting, Microphones, etc. to create and expand our services.

Or maybe you have something, you think might be of use for us. Get in touch with us and let us know what you would like to donate for our cause:

4. You can share our vision

You can help us grow our reach and fulfill our vision by:

  • Sharing our website / content / videos / posts on your website or social media
  • You can download our videos and re-upload them on your channel / website
  • You can write articles about us / our work, do interviews / video collaborations
  • You can invite us to come and speak / teach at your location / venue

Thank you!

Our heart-felt gratitude goes out to everyone
who has supported us on our journey so far!

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