Snježana Unuk

I’m Snježana Unuk (Anna) from Croatia, licensed AtlasPROfilax specialist, who has a practice now in Dublin as well as in Croatia and Bosnia. I was amazed by the number of people who have already heard about this non-invasive, absolutely natural and extremely effective method that has been developed by a Swiss PhD practitioner about 30 years ago.

There are only 500 licensed practitioners in the entire world. I have perfected the atlas alignment technique to provide the best possible experience for my clients.

I am the only licensed practitioner in Ireland, and you can find me in a page of our main organisation – IVDA.

I also spread my work in other fields of holistic healing such as Bioenergy therapy, Ayurveda, Access Bars technique, K taping, NLS therapy and massage therapy. I am a yoga instructor too, a life coach and motivator.

I am fully motivated in learning and now I’m going to the Upledge institute to expand my knowledge with Craniosacral therapy.

My desire is to help people with full focus on what they needs to change for the better. In my life experience, with my 56 years I really do know how we can feel younger and live in an easier and more relaxed way.


Phone: 085 140 8993



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