Nature Going Smart

Nature Going Smart is an online science magazine and consultation service that promotes public engagement to academic content, facilitating self-training and better understanding of nature.

NGS aims to promote evidence-based research and education that can drastically improve life: ours and that of our ecosystems.

NGS is intended to present to his readers peer-reviewed information free from any cost, and never in a language too technical to be grasped.

Medias often report imprecise, outdated information regarding patient care. Whilst specialized journals remain the best source of peer-reviewed contents, these are often not accessible to many, either for their cost or the technical language.

Ngs is your free place, where exchange of reliable data is encouraged so that you don’t have to rely solely on your GP’s opinion.

Webelieve that actions should be the mirror of our soul: we hence want to support the reader to integrate their earth-caring awareness with easy-to-use guides and nutritional plans. Being a better consumer has never been easier!

Nature Going Smart present to his readers scientific evidences on nutraceuticals and phytoceuticals, alternative life-styles and mind-body techinques but does not advocate abandoning your current medicine nor replacing the cares of your physician or specialist.

It promotes public engagement to academic content, aiming to cover a gap between medical science and patient population.

Be smart about your health, stay informed!





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