Merna El-Mohasel

I was born in 1974 in Tripoli, Libya. In 1984 I detoured from Jordan to Germany to then continue on to Graz, Austria in 2005. I was influenced by two strong cultures, Islam and Christianity. If found my way into artistic expression through photography, which has been accompanying me since my 14th birthday. As I had noticed that I wasn’t understood through using mere language and had started feeling lonely, I started learning how to express myself and make myself understood through photography. Nowadays I sometimes enjoy the loneliness and share it loud and proud. I took my first pictures with my analog Nikon F-301 and a Nikkor 135mm f 2.8. I mostly did black & white shots with it. Everything from developing the pictures to the editing was an autodidactic process.

Words joined my photos about 12 years ago. They are not explaining them. The words sometimes underlines the content of the depicted or it stands for itself. I am trying to present my passions in an oeuvre through words and now also with music. My photographs are meant to be thought-provoking and inspire to dream and relax. Not only through the photo itself but also through the experienced. An edited photograph is like a small birth every time, which I let go into this world after finishing my work on it, then to finish processing the experienced to make room for the new. As I always worked the way my feelings steered me, my thumbprint hasn’t really changed. It just became stronger and more digital. Nowadays I don’t work exclusively digital but continue using my beloved Nikon.

“Zeit anhalten um bei mir zu sein.”



Email: office@merna-el-mohasel.com

Phone: +43 660 4906350

Website: http://www.merna-el-mohasel.com


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