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Our Program

We are always looking to connect with people who share our values and wish to join the team. Whether you wish to contribute to our services, design a project, seminar or content together or have your business/brand featured on our website and social media – we are open to talk…

Our partner program consists of two areas:

  • Guidance partners
  • Collaborations


Our mission and vision is to support and inspire people to reach their highest potential, and to drive social change that will recognise every person’s birth right to a happy fulfilled life. The methods, approaches and techniques in doing so are as versatile and unique, as people are. We strive to connect to people with the same or similar values as ours, to find ways in supporting each other / working together to make this vision a reality.

“Together we can face any challenges as deep as the ocean and as high as the Sky.” – Sonia Gandhi


Are you a motivational speaker or trainer, a healer or lightworker, a life coach? Do you wish to give seminars or workshops? Is your goal to support people on their journey to self-fulfilment? Do you represent the same values as we do? Then you might be eligible to become one of our guidance partners.  


Do you have an idea for content creation, a project or seminar and you are looking for people in the same or similar field to partner up? From event organisation, to content creation, to advice, to any ideas you might have that are in line with our values, we are open to talk!

Get in touch with us today to discuss further details!


Terms & Conditions of becoming a partner

Costs & Payment

All our partner programs are free, we do not charge people for becoming partners and we do not pay partners. Our mission is to connect to people and to spread the values we believe in, to help people on their path to self-fulfillment.

However, we do appreciate our partners to promote Alviam in return (on their respective websites and social media and on projects/seminars organized together).

In case of projects/seminars that are organized together, the revenues are split between partners.


In whichever form you wish to become a partner, please be aware that we can only support, promote or partner up with people or businesses that are aligned with the following values:

  • Arts
  • Personal growth / Self-fulfillment
  • Lifestyle (including coaching / guidance)
  • Health
  • Non-violence
  • Spirituality
  • Science
  • Peace
  • Conscious Evolution / Social Change

For whichever partner program is agreed, Alviam takes no responsibility or liability for the actions taken by partners towards clients, on projects/seminars/workshops or elsewhere that could be associated with the partner program, content created by partners and displayed on the website of Alviam or its connected social media platforms. Content of partners that can be accessed through links on the website or connected social media platforms of Alviam, is under the liability of the content creator and Alviam will not take any responsibility for content displayed. Any actions taken from clients and partners from point of leaving the website of Alviam or its connected social media platforms is the sole liability of the partners.

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