Why are we here? What is consciousness? Why are we conscious of ourselves? Those, and similar questions we might consider rather typical. But really, what is a conscious human?

Consciousness of ourselves as alive, as being a living, thinking thing is not the end of the line, and not where we will find the ultimate answers. The simple reason for that is, that our society nowadays is based on illusions.

Let’s start with the illusion of solidity. We grow up in a materialistic world, where everything seemingly revolves around material possessions, where security is placed in man built objects and concepts. That solidity is an illusion, because everything at its core is made of energy, and always has a certain frequency or vibration, is unknown to many, and comes a surprise to most.

Next we have the misperception of value. We place the highest value in paper and metal and what we get in exchange for this so called money. Whereas our highest values lie in peace, love, compassion, friendship, experience, adventure, trust, sharing, truth and self-fulfilment. And still, most of us dedicate our lives, or more accurate, we give our time for something that we have given its value in the first place. But the only thing we can’t get back, or buy more of, is time.

Even though there is many more, let me finish my list with the illusion of separateness. You see, we grow up to think that we are separate entities, that our bodies are separate to our surroundings. Of course, the level unto which we use our senses at the moment, supports this illusion.
Quantum physics has proven, what spiritual teachers have been telling us for ages: All is one. Everything is connected. We are all part of this vast sea of consciousness, interconnected and influencing each other and life itself at all times. But a large part of our society, and the reason why it still has such a strong grip around people, is built upon the illusion of separateness, the fear of being alone. We are all one, and we collectively create our reality. Oneness also means, that there is abundance and more than enough for everyone.

So, what then is a conscious human? One that is aware of it’s own existence? One that looks in the mirror and recognizes itself? One that knows it has the ability to think of its own, and yet chooses to limit itself, its own value, its own time to paper and metal and “possessions” that are an illusion, and that will be left behind at the transition we call “death”? One that fears the loneliness, that feels separate and lost in this world and that thinks it has no power and no influence on the world?

If you ask me, no. A conscious human is one, that is waking up out of the illusion we grow up in. One that wakes up to realize, that in fact we are living in the Matrix. One that recognizes its own power and takes responsibility to change the world. One that can do nothing but laugh, at the ridiculousness of our societies standards. One that realizes that we are all one, that we live in great abundance and that there is more than enough for everyone. One that realizes that the power lies with every single one of us, to change the perception of value. Instead of financing war, to create peace. Instead of profiting from exploitation, to end starvation. Instead of creating a society of fearful, small robots, forming a world of individuality, self-expression & -fulfilment and community.

But how do you start? After all, there won’t be a spaceship coming anytime soon to take you out of the Matrix… The answer is: Be the glitch in the matrix. Change the world from within. Become your greatest version. Reach your highest potential. Be the light, that others need to see to become their own greatest version. Be the change you want to see in the world.

It might seem selfish to think that self-fulfilment will change the world. But here’s the catch: True self-fulfilment comes from within, and is always connected to peace, love and joy. A self-fulfilled being has no need for exploitation, fear, anger, greed, envy, jealousy, etc. A self-fulfilled being has this deep urge to share with others, with the world, to help others reach this state. So you can see, that self-fulfilment really is not selfish at all. It means that you love yourself so much that you want yourself to be happy, fulfilled, joyous. And since everything is one, that means that you actually want all of life to be happy, fulfilled and joyous.


Written by Kaya Krystal for Alviam.
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