Growing up in this society we get a certain picture of what love is. We learn the kind of love that comes from our parents and families. We learn the kind of love towards friends and animals. We learn the kind of love in a relationship. And we learn the kind of love towards things. But in all that we leave out the true core of what love really is: unconditional and limitless.

For love is the core of life, it is the stream of life, it is the core of all that exists. We have all heard the term unconditional love, but who really understands what it means? For we live in an illusion of separation through the way we perceive our world with our senses. And we don’t learn to experience oneness although it is what life truly is. So from a viewpoint of separation and limitation, unconditional love is just a mere concept.

Leaving those limits behind, connecting to the oneness of life and open oneself to the experience of unconditional love, is one of the most profound experiences of a human life. And I do speak from experience. Recently I have attended the “Being Limitless” by the One World Academy in Galway, Ireland. And during that weekend I entered the state of unconditional love.

For many years, I have worked on healing from my past, letting go, forgiving and allowing myself to become who I really am. Earlier this year I thought I had reached the end of that process. I had reached the point of total forgiveness, where I had forgiven everyone including myself. And I had also reached the state of gratitude, where I felt nothing but gratitude for everything that happened in my life, for every experience made me who I am today. And I thought that was it. But my experience with the One World Academy brought me to the last state: unconditional love.

In one extremely powerful meditation I entered the field of unconditional love, and all I could feel was pure, limitless love for everyone who every entered my life. No matter they “did” to me or what role they played in my life. And the tears were just streaming down my face, as it was the most profound experience of my life, to emerge into the core of life itself.

And after that experience many other insights and revelations followed. For as I connected to unconditional love, and by that to my true state, there was no other concept or perception that could sustain itself in my consciousness. Unconditional love means freedom, it means limitlessness, it means loving everyone and everything the same, for there is no separation, there is only one, and it consists of unconditional love. I cannot love one more than another. I cannot love my family more than a stranger on the street. I cannot love a friend more than a non-friend. I cannot love anything more than anything. This doesn’t mean that certain people, things or places, can’t play a higher role of significance in this particular moment of the human experience.

While this sounds weird, out there and possibly shocking by the standards of our society, it is indeed the most profound experience to have. And once you do, you will truly understand what it means to BE.

My heartfelt gratitude goes out to the facilitators of the One World Academy, to Joe for making it happen in Galway and to Andrew for inviting me along.


Written by Kaya Krystal for Alviam.
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