I had a beautiful conversation recently. I found myself explaining a connection between 2 seemingly unrelated archetypes and deities. When it comes to purpose, to identify as a part of an established religion, means part of your purpose is laid out, it is given to you. If you fight for a God, or a belief system, you are part of something bigger, composed of other groups. But if you choose to stand alone, if you stray from the crowd and do your own exploration, searching and seeking, you very well may unearth some incredibly different solutions and conclusions from the ones handed to you by more established groups.
In the title, I link the idea of Jesus, rather than the story of him, with the story of the Ascended Master and then from there I move to the idea of the shaman. There are some reasons for consciously linking all this together.

One aspect of shamanic healing that should be noted is the tendency a shaman has often from living on the outskirts of the village, or away from cities and “civilized” society, to be creating and living in a reality that is unfamiliar to those who live with conformity and are comfortable with it. They must live that way so that their relationship to the spirit world is much more heightened and complex so that when someone is sick, the shaman can be called in to facilitate healing. One great method to do so, is that the shaman sucks the pain, poison or illness out of the patient, into his or her body, cures the malady in the body, and spits it out.
Now, here is the magical link. Jesus, who is called many things by many people, is believed to have come to earth to take on the pain, sin, suffering and wrongdoing by all of humanity, then he is said to die, but to come back to show his mastery over human death and then to bring that which his sacrifice aimed to fix or heal, back to God or to the Spirit. A shaman does this type of service in a different way, for a village, or on a smaller scale than the whole planet. Jesus is thought to be the one who takes on the whole planet’s pain and “sin”.
The energy of humanity as a whole is able to dictate, with a collective conscience and need, who and what will manifest in our favor. We all had shamanic teachers and healers, in every tradition all over the world. The suffering that arose from people has always called medicine and truth in many forms to address and cure the suffering. We evolved beyond the shaman or medicine person for a village, because this is the modern world. Now we look to figures such as Jesus, who, we are told can withstand the depth of our human needs and the shaman on his or her own, continues to work more locally, while Ascended Masters are those who take on the poison, pain, fear and negativity on the most massive levels that humanity can contain it its formidable shadow nature.
Where do you and I come in? We live in all manner of light places and dark places. Some seek the life of Spirit, some are content with the material, physical world. My offering to you contains this link between these concepts and the bigger reality, and it can serve to awaken us to the energy needing to be infused back into our hearts, lives, and communities. If only on a metaphorical level we can lift the veils of separation between isolated groups, so that once again we feel the great relief of sucking out the poison that harms us, on multiple levels, curing it in ourselves, in which ever sacred way makes sense to you, and spitting it out, like a shaman, like a Being of Light and Healing. If this resonates, so be it. If not, there is perfection in that too.


Written by Juliana Sage for Alviam.
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