Nowadays, it is pretty common to come across expressions like “You are the co-creator of your reality”. And while they are mostly linked to the law of attraction and power of thought, there is a much deeper meaning behind them.

From our perspective, the physical human one that is, we experience time in a linear way, we experience a physical world masked in the illusion of separation and in most cases, we are not aware of our higher selves. However, time is a man-made concept and doesn’t exist in a linear way, separation is an illusion, as everything in life is one, and our true self is the one that chose this human experience, the lessons it came to learn and the things it came to experience.

Let me take a few steps back. Everything in life is made of energy. From your shoes, to your house, to your body, to this whole planet and the whole universe. We can compare the Universe to a vast sea of energy, a vast sea of consciousness. Everything is one in this sea, connected. But every drop is unique in its structure, aka expression of consciousness.

All of us existed in a non-physical state at some stage. And all of us chose human experience, for different reasons. So, our soul enters this physical body, grows, learns, develops and as the physical body ends its journey, our soul moves on. And don’t be mistaken. We are not talking spiritual beliefs, we are talking physics. You see, energy cannot be destroyed nor created, it can only transform. And as everything is made of energy, the energy within our bodies too needs to transform.

So, if we connect to higher consciousness in our human experience, and remember oneness, feel oneness, let go from the illusion of separation, reconnect to the limitlessness of life, we realize that thoughts create matter (aka we create our own reality).

All of that, however are only dots, only the surface of consciousness. If we take another step in our development, we start connecting the dots. And the realisation of this just came to me recently, as I was taking a bath.

I was enjoying a hot bath and being joyful at the life I had chosen, thankful for the lessons I had chosen, full of love for myself and my life. I thought how amazing it is, that back in the non-physical I had chosen and created this very moment; lying in this bathtub, in this bathroom, in this house. And going further back I had chosen that I was going to move there, and the events that led up to this choice. I had chosen that I was using a coconut bubble bath, and even the temperature of the water, and I had also chosen to reconnect to this piece of universal wisdom: I realized that not only had I chosen and co-created the very components of that very moment, I had co-created all the components that created these components. I had co-created that coconut bubble bath, it’s creation and formula, it’s trip to the store, the moment when it got sorted into the shelves and the moment I picked it up from there. I also co-created the water, each drop, the rain, it’s molecular structure. I had co-created my own body, the moment of my creation, the creation of my parents, their parents, and their parents. I had co-created this whole planet, this whole universe, and everything that exists in it. And so have you.

You see, the real meaning behind being the co-creator of your reality, is, that in fact you have co-created everything in existence.

But if we have co-created everything in existence, every moment, lesson, etc. before coming into the physical experience, where does that leave free will?

This plays into the topics we have covered above. Our perspective is separation based and limited. Whereas life is one and limitless. You see, everything exists in an endless number of possibilities and snaps into one position through observation and the expectation of the observer (Quantum Physics). So, while you have created your reality before you came into the physical, you have free will, because you choose from an endless number of possibilities and by such create a new reality each time you make a choice.

And how come, they have been created already? Does that not take away free will, if things are created in advance?

No. Because time doesn’t exist in a linear way. So, from the non-physical perspective, you are not creating things in the future, you are simply creating.

And while this might be a real mind-boggler, something the human brain can’t really understand, it is an act of remembrance for your higher self. And it is fun to look around at your life, how it came about and trace it back through years and centuries to its creation and understanding on a deeper level, that you have co-created it. It is like a child showing someone their art for the first time. “I have made that. And that. And that.”, with a great big smile.

But really this realization opens a whole new way of living, of being. If you ARE creating this very moment and all its components, then what else is possible?


Written by Kaya Krystal for Alviam.
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