A silent moment is one of the rarest things we experience in the western civilization. Except when we sleep, rarely any of us take the time to be in silence. We live busy lives, constantly surrounded by noise, constantly distracting ourselves in one way or another. And our busy lives are what keep us from worrying too much, from thinking too much. One could say we have become a zombie generation, controlled by technology, living through technology, rather than experiencing life itself. If taking a picture of a beautiful sunset becomes more important than experiencing it, one has to wonder, if we are at all “living”.

Going into silence is something many people are afraid to do. Because if you go into silence (within and without), then you are freed from outer distractions and actually have to face whats going on on the inside. When going into silence, the mind goes on a wild rampage, like a child set free in a toy store. As the mind isn’t used to be able to roam free, it gets so excited that it wants to explore everything at once. This can be a somewhat confusing and upsetting experience, but a vital one. See, after a while of practicing silence your mind will start to calm down, which will enable you to really look inside and build a relationship with yourself.

A relationship with yourself sounds weird? Imagine being in a relationship with someone, whom you constantly distract yourself from, whom you never talk to, whom you possibly have a bad opinion about (looks, personality, skills, etc.). What do you think will happen with that relationship? You wouldn’t treat someone you live like this, but most of us treat ourselves exactly like that. And then we are surprised when we get sick, depressed or burned out.

Yes, indeed, for a happy and fulfilled life a good relationship to yourself is vital. And the base of any good relationship is communication.

What it means to go into silence:

Set aside some time (5min or more if you wish). Sit down somewhere where you feel comfortable and are uninterrupted by anyone and anything (including your phone) for the duration of your silence. Close your eyes, take in a few deep breaths, and just sit in silence for a few minutes, allowing your mind to do its thing.

By going into silence you give your mind, body & inner self opportunity to express themselves. Once you get over the first phase of mumble jumble (usually a few weeks), your mind will calm down and you will be able to ask yourself “What’s going on inside of me?”. Then sit in silence and listen.

Some of the answers may surprise you. Try not to overthink it, the first thought or reaction that pops up in your head is an answer from within. Try to accept it for what it is, without judging it. If it is something negative, you can ask yourself “What can I do to make this better?” and again sit in silence and listen. With time you will be able to distinguish between answers from your body, mind and soul. And you will observe how you will become calmer, happier and healthier. Practicing silence can help you get mind clarity, inner peace, stress relief and lead you to a happy, fulfilled life. It is a practice that helps you to align with yourself and life. If you live a busy life, try to do it every morning and evening. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to sit down, be silent and ask yourself “What’s going on inside of me?”.

Give it a try and see how it positively influences your life. Give yourself time and patience, as it takes a while for the mind to adjust from busy to calm.


Written by Kaya Krystal for Alviam.
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