Angels are all around us, they manifest themselves in many shapes and forms. Whilst there is the stereotype that angels are winged beings of reasonable size and are usually depicted as light colours, I.e. white, cream or pale pink, this is not always how they appear to us.

One of my first experiences of sensing an angel was a tall, large, heavy, dark figure, no wings either! I was not afraid, I felt somewhat comforted by its presence. This was at an angelic reiki taster workshop. I had decided even before then to become an angelic reiki practitioner but this taster just reinforced that decision. During my Angelic reiki course I worked with Archangel Haniel. I remember the first time Haniel came through and I was healing a lady, I felt as though I was going to topple over the lady I was healing because of the force behind me!

The times previous to this when I felt something or sensed something near to me I was unable to distinguish whether it was an angel or my spirit guide. But with time I now know when it is a spirit trying to communicate and when it is an angelic presence. Angels need our permission to help unless it is an emergency, in which case they will intervene immediately if we need protection.

When I am going through times of despair, be it a stressful work meeting or a hospital appointment I always call on Archangel Haniel to be there with me. I can sense and feel where my angel is and at times I have even felt comforting arms around me and on my shoulder. At times of need we all sometimes do feel a surge of love and comfort come over us and almost as if we are being wrapped in a comfy blanket, this is an angel wrapping their wings of protection around us and filling us with immense unconditional love.

Angels come to us in many ways, they present themselves to us in a way they know we would be comfortable with. Feathers and pennies are a classic sign of Angels around us. At times, I have felt I was walking on feathers continuously and it was a message from the angels that all would be ok. If you ask the angels a question they will answer it but we need to be open to receive that answer, which may come from a song or a movie, a billboard advertisement or an image in the clouds, but sometimes we may not get an answer at all. The reason for this is that we are simply not meant to know and we need to trust.

Angels subtly draw our attention towards signs; Synchronicity and seeing numbers such as 111 or 12:12,13:13 etc. are all signs that an angel is trying to get your attention. If a particular number appears repeatedly or you keep looking at the time at the same time every day then it is worth looking into that number and seeing if there is a message there for you. It is also worth paying attention to what you were thinking about when you saw the numbers. What stands out for me when my angel is around is a change in temperature, it can change to freezing cold or boiling hot depending on the space, situation and the angel that is coming through.

The best way to connect with your angel is to ask, give permission and speak to your Angel. You don’t need to do it out loud you can do this in your head even. Open yourself up to them and accept them into your life. Meditating on angels or a situation you would like your angel to assist with is also a good way of opening up. It is then up to us to make sure we are listening as the messages may come in subtle ways, be it in a billboard or an ad on the radio. The main block people have when trying to connect with angels is that they are trying too hard and they need to release their worries to the angels and relax. It is a two-way connection, so be thankful and show gratitude to your angels.

Throughout my article, I haven’t referred to Archangel Haniel or any other angel as a male or female, even though I sense Haniel as a female energy, as Angels are actually genderless.

Trust, believe and let go of fear.

Falguni Patel~Eternally Positive


Written by Falguni Patel for Alviam.
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