Give a smile


Give a smile away is an initiative by Alviam, designed to raise awareness to our growing disconnection from ourselves and each other. The cards are a simple way of showing someone that you care, that you notice them and that you wish them well. It gives people a gift of hope, positivity and love.

The cards come in post card size and you can order them through this page. The price includes our production, packaging and shipping costs. And we plant a tree for every purchase!


The idea was born about 6 years ago;
Kaya started noticing more and more people on trains and buses, looking distressed or even depressed. And even more she noticed, that others noticing as well would look away not knowing what to do. Kaya often walked up to those people and asked them if they were ok and if there was anything she could do. Some people were grateful for the gesture, whereas others felt uncomfortable attracting attention from other people. So, she started looking for a simple, tangible way to show other people that someone cares, someone wishes them well and wants to give them the easiest and yet beautiful gift: a smile. And the Give a smile – cards were born.


We plant a tree for each purchase!

For each purchase, we make a donation to Plant a Billion Trees.

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