Taking Action – Fulfilling your Dreams Webinar

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Event Overview

So you know what your dreams are, and you know at least a few of the steps to get there, but you’re struggling with a proper action plan?

Most people when setting out to follow their dreams either

  • get overwhelmed by the amount of steps it takes them to get there and loose their motivation


  • start off full of motivation and work non-stop, until they are burned out and loose their motivation

Learn what makes up a good action plan, that is easy to follow through and will keep your motivation up, and use it to make all your dreams come true.



In this Webinar we will:

  • Discover the roots of creating a successful Action plan
  • Discuss the rules of taking action efficiently
  • Learn how to evaluate time & effort, and how to set realistic goals and deadlines
  • Explore an easy-to-follow technique to set goals and follow through

If this this is something you feel will benefit you, we welcome you to join us for an informative and fun Webinar.

Upcoming Dates:

Dates to be confirmed



This Webinar is free. However, we do have a limited number of participants. So, to avoid disappointment please register by sending an email to events@alviam.com

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