Activate your healing powers – Refresher Webinar

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Event Overview

It’s been a while since you participated in our Activate your healing powers event? As we always say – key in transforming your thoughts, beliefs and ultimately your life, is repetition, repetition, repetition.

In this Refresher Webinar we will cover the basics of our Activate your healing powers Event:

A powerful process of self-discovery and learning to activate your inner healing powers.

Your body is designed to heal itself, all you must do is to get to know yourself. In our modern society we have lost touch with our bodies, our true nature, our inner self and keep on doing things that make us sick, just to end up suppressing symptoms, rather than focusing on the cause. At this event, we will learn how to improve our relationship with ourselves, to understand symptoms and causes and how to heal ourselves, to live a happy, healthy life.



In this Webinar we will:

  • Cover the basics discussed in our Activate your healing powers event
  • Refresh tools and exercises given in the event
  • Discover additional tools and exercises you can use in your transformational journey
  • Answer as many questions as possible

Please note that this Webinar is not a replacement for the Activate your healing powers Event, and will not go into depths of what is covered in the Workshop. This Webinar is for people who have attended the event previously, and wish to refresh what they have learned and further support them on their journey.

For more information about the Workshop click here:

Upcoming Dates:

Dates to be confirmed soon



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