Manifest your Dreams

11th – 18th June 2017


Event Overview

What is it, that you always wanted to do? What is standing in your way? What if you could overcome any limitations, and make your dreams come true?

No matter where you are right now, no matter how far away you are from reaching your dreams, no matter what you think is possible, you are ready right now where you are. Ready to take the next step, ready to expand and to start out on a path you really deserve: fulfillment, joy, love, peace and freedom.

In this 2-Day intensive Workshop you will take charge of your life and set out to create the life of your dreams. You will start a path of self-awareness, a deeper understanding of your obstacles and how to overcome them, and receive the tools you will be able to use for the rest of your life to manifest your dreams.



The Workshop consists of 2 parts:

Part 1: Understanding yourself and your path

Where do your thought and behaviour patterns come from? What limitations are holding you back? How can you overcome those and set yourself free?
In this part, we will uncover roots of limiting beliefs, build a base of self-empowerment and create a clear vision of your path.

Part 2: Becoming the Creator

In this part, you will learn how to make a detailed and easy-to-follow-through action plan, including all tools and follow-up steps after the Workshop is finished.

 Upcoming Dates:

Sun 11th – Sun 18th June 2017
11am – 5pm


Who is this event for?

Do you want to stop dreaming and start living? Are you done with new year’s resolutions and this-time-I’ll-follow-through plans, that never work out? Do you want to make a serious commitment to turn your life around? Then this Workshop is for you.

This Workshop is intensive, and will go into great detail of dissolving the things that are holding you back. This is a process of self-discovery, deeper understanding and release, and can be emotionally challenging. But the outcome is worth it. As once you understand what is holding you back, you can actually work through it and set yourself free.

This Workshop is for anyone who wants to take a leap forward in their personal development and manifest their dreams.

This Workshop is facilitated by Kaya, an experienced self-development trainer, who will create a safe and friendly environment and guide you through the processes.



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