Express Yourself

A Workshop for finding and freeing yourself

31st March 2018

Event Overview

Express Yourself is a unique mix of finding & expressing yourself, exercises & techniques of personal development and activities like acting and dancing. In this Workshop, participants have the opportunity to discover and express their true selves, in interactive exercises, group games and acting techniques, that are not only a lot of fun, but help individuals to release stress, fear, worry, what is holding them back and open themselves, not only to their inner child, but to their true self.

“It is fun, silly and you feel like a total weirdo! But it works. Letting go and opening myself to really just being me led me to let go of so many things I was carrying with me for years and just be happy and free!” – Sarah M., Participant of Express Yourself 2017

Are you ready to be free? Then join us for a unique experience!



This Workshop can support you in releasing negative thought patterns, fear, stress, tension and any limiting thoughts. And it is a lot of fun on top of it! This is not a sit and listen type of event. Here you will do group exercises, dance, act, express yourself in various ways and, we daresay, laugh a lot.

There is no judgement, prejudice or social limitations in this safe and friendly environment. We encourage you to let yourself go and truly experience, to get the most out of it. Does it take courage to participate? No, but it takes allowing yourself to experience it to its fullest. It is worth it, to find yourself, release what is holding you back and set out to create the life that you truly desire, being who you really are. That being said, if an exercise or part of the event makes you feel uncomfortable, you don’t have to participate. You can see this event as a myriad of exercises and techniques, that you can cherrypick from.

Upcoming Dates:

31st March 2018

10am – 1pm


We currently have a waiting list. If you are interested, send us an email at



Price: €50

This event is limited to 20 people, to give the best possible experience to participants – don’t miss your chance to express yourself!

Please make sure to wear comfortable clothes, that allow for movement (acting, dancing, etc.) and bring a yoga mat & a pillow.

To get your name on the waiting list, contact us at


  • Materials handed out for self-practice
  • Materials created as part of the Workshop
  • Full program
  • Water, Tea & Coffee

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