Bootcamp for the Awakening Lightworker

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Event Overview

Being a Lightworker comes with some challenges, such as a feeling of not belonging, mood swings, the feeling that there is more, that reality as you have perceived it before suddenly seems a lot less real? These and many more can be the “symptoms” of a Lightworker.

Lightworkers are people whose mission it is to uplift this planet, and they are in all possible fields.

In this Bootcamp we will discuss the path of a Lightworker, what an Awakening is and how to deal with it, how to find the right path and follow your mission and what you can expect from a life as a lightworker.



In this Workshop we will:

  • Explore typical “symptoms” that most Lightworkers have in common
  • Discover the difference between the Awakening and the Calling
  • Discuss how to deal with symptoms, emotional roller coasters, the awakening and calling
  • Explore ways to expand our consciousness as Lightworkers, how to find your path and connect to your mission

If this resonates with you, we welcome you to a fun, uplifting afternoon.

Upcoming Dates:

New Dates coming soon!



Investment: €20

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