This is easily one of the most moving, empowering and thought-provoking movies. It puts a light on the various shades of human life, of human experience. The viewer is taken on a journey from empowering stories and inspiration to the very depth of human emotions and behaviour.
While highlighting positive as negative aspects, the documentary is not judgemental, but rather shows all there is and leaves room for building one’s own opinion. Through astonishing visuals, and individuals, one is left with many questions. What makes us human? What is a human life about or supposed to be about? How can we talk about a sophisticated species, if there is still inequality and injustice prevailing in most parts of the world? Why are we playing according to the rules, set by those in charge, when we outnumber them at large? What are we afraid of? What will our life look like, once we break free from the chains of our modern society? How much longer will it take, until we unite and create world peace?
It leaves one with a reborn willingness to reach ones’ highest potential, to truly thrive, to create the life for oneself, that we all are born to have, if we are willing to go for it: happy, fulfilled and in peace with each other and the world we live on.

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