Advertising Policy

Our dedication

We are dedicated to our mission:

We create content, share resources, design events, connect people and create opportunities for growth – all to provide a variety of tools for personal growth and social change.

Most advertising is used as a tool for social conditioning, to keep humanity in a lack & fear-based mindset, focused on the ego and preventing a rise in consciousness. Therefore displaying adverts on our website and videos would be deemed contradictory to our mission.

We do however believe in sharing knowledge and resources. Hence we share other sites, resources, products, etc. that we believe to be beneficial to our audience (note: we don’t accept recoupment from those we recommend, that misleads our users and influences recommendation).


Want to support us?

As we do not advertise within our website and videos, and a lot of our resources are available for free, any support is appreciated. See our donation page for more information.

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