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An extraordinary, happy, fulfilled life is your birth right. However, society doesn’t teach us how to obtain such a life. Quite the contrary; we learn to do what we are told to do, want what we are told to want, behave the way we are told to behave. We learn to want certain jobs and careers. We learn that if we work hard we can be successful. We learn to distinguish between our work time and our “free” time. Not realizing, that all our time is free and we choose what we use it for.

If you are ready to claim a fulfilled life, if you are ready to leave your limiting beliefs and everything holding you back behind, if you are ready to reach your highest potential – then Lifestyle Coaching might be just the thing you need to take your journey to the next level. With a Lifestyle Coach you find out what things are holding you back, explore tools and possibilities to overcome such obstacles, design personalized easy-to-follow action plans to transform your life and fulfill your dreams.

Kaya is an experienced Lifestyle Trainer & Coach, who has been researching for over 8 years in the fields of Psychology, Philosophy, Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Neuroscience, Spirituality, History, and many more, gathering the universal steps to self-fulfillment. Which she nowadays teaches in her Workshops & Courses and shares in the multiple Resources she provides.

Summer special: 90min session for €35

Sessions are available in Dublin city centre every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. (If the location or days don’t suit you, alternatives can be arranged)


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