Chakra & Aura Attunement

Chakras are the energy centres of the body, that govern specific nerves, glands, organs, bodily functions, emotions and the energy flow within our body. Each Chakra is connected to specific parts of Mind, Body & Spirit, and needs to be in a balanced, active state for optimum health and a fulfilled life. Blockages can occur in various ways like traumas, accidents, loss, negative thought and belief patterns, and can be stored for a lifetime. For example, a blockage that occurred through a childhood trauma, will remain until it is consciously cleansed (through i.e. Chakra attunement) and the trauma is healed.

The Aura is the electromagnetic field surrounding the physical body, and it is made of thoughts and emotions. Thoughts and emotions do not stay within the physical body, they leave it in form of energy waves and create the Aura. This electromagnetic field is what then attracts things in the same or similar frequency. Most negative energy in Auras is self-inflicted through negative thoughts and emotions, but we can also pick up negative things from people around us.

Kaya has a lifelong experience in seeing, sensing, cleansing and activating Chakras & Auras. She intuitively taps into each of the 7 main Chakras, cleanses, balances and activates them, removes blockages and negative energies, and sometimes receives messages and insights on the cause of blockages. Kaya then taps into the Aura (which is closely connected to Chakras) and clears any residue of negative energy and blockages.

Disclaimer: Chakra & Aura Attunement cleanses from negative energy, returns the energy centres and energetic field to a balanced state and activates a positive flow of energy. However, if a Blockage was caused by a Trauma it needs to be healed, or else the blockage might return.


€30 for 1/2h
€50 for 1h


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